This time we are bringing our network an amazing event series with Muutostoimisto Tuleva around Career Foresight consisting of a Webinar where we learn about the method (18th May 17:00-19:00) and a Workshop where we get to dive deeper into the subject and try the method out (1st June 17:00-19:00).

Note: the workshop seats are primarily reserved for the attendees of the webinar.

In our rapidly changing world, also career planning methods need to change to fulfil the needs of our future worklife. Future is not something that happens, it is something that you create. Future is something we create together.

Future literacy, foresight methods and megatrends are not only for businesses anymore. Those are skills and information that belong to everyone. The foresight approach is needed for both individual Career and Competence Development and organizational Career Management.

The Career and Competence Foresight Method adds foresight techniques and practices to career and competence development. Exploring the future not only develops your planning and adaptation skills but also helps you to understand and identify the upcoming trends and increases.
Future Female & Muutostoimisto Tuleva co-host a webinar, and a workshop to introduce you to a Career and Competence Foresight Method.

THE WEBINAR 18th MAY 17:00


Do you want to explore and understand trends and weak signals, and think how they will disrupt and impact on businesses, industries, roles and your career? Are you curious to brainstorm what kind of new possibilities changes bring to your career? Are you ready to take action well in advance and think how you can prepare and be one step ahead? Do you want to learn a career planning method that is systematic, inspiring and future-proof?

During the 90-minute ‘Career and Competence Foresight Method in practice’ webinar:
– You will learn what proactive career planning is and why it is important right now and in the future
– Learn the four steps of Career and Competence Foresight Method
– Get concrete tips on how you can take advantage of the insights gained through Career and Competence Foresight

Method in a variety of work situations
– You’ll get concrete tips on how to make use of proactive career planning for example expressing your own skills and strengths

Webinar Agenda:
17:00 opening words by Future Female
17:10 Career and Competence Foresight Method in practice by Mari Tähjä and Henna Ojala
18:40 Q&A and end of meet-up
Information on the practicalities and how to sign up can be found from the end of this event description.

THE WORKSHOP 1st JUNE 17:00-19:00

The workshop will be held on June 1st and registration will primarily be open for those who participated in the webinar.

Mapping the Consequences of Trends:

Create vision of the future of work

When you think about the future, your past, present, everyday life, organisations, habits, values and everything around you shapes the way you see the future possibilities. The Career and Competence Foresight Method allows you to broaden your thinking. It challenges you to see possibilities outside of your comfort zone, identify what are going to be your future strengths. Exploring the future often requires dialogue.

The upcoming workshop helps you to imagine other possible, alternative futures. Together, we think about the consequences of possible, high-impact events and trends – how they change worklife, industries, roles and what kind of new possibilities they create.

– Explore megatrends and choose a couple of trends we want to explore more in-depth together
– Discuss about the consequences and what kind of impact the megatrends have on competences, work roles, industries etc.

The workshop also is a great opportunity to gain ideas and approaches and explore the consequences of the megatrends in a dialogue with others. That will help you to apply the Career and Competence Foresight Method to your own career.

Participants in the workshop will receive more information about the Workshop and a small pre-task a couple of days before – so keep an eye out of your email!

Muutostoimisto Tuleva is a strategy consulting company that offers training, consulting, and coaching services for individuals and companies who want to stay one step ahead. Tuleva’s Career and Competence Foresight Method and Foresight-based Competence Management and Business Development services are utilized by organizations, teams, and individuals.

The Speakers:
The Webinar and the Workshop is hosted by Mari Tähjä who is a foresight specialist & strategist. She is an inspirational and diverse facilitator who believes dialogue methods are key to increase understanding the future. Mari has excellent people development skills – on both organizational and individual levels.
In the workshop you will also meet Johanna Valovirta and Henna Ojala from Muutostoimisto Tuleva. They both have co-created the Career and Competence Foresight Method together with Mari and helped individuals and teams to apply the method in their everyday life. On top of competence development strategist, Johanna is a strategic recruiter and a pedagog. Henna on the other hand has a background in leadership, Strategic Employee Experience and Customer Experience.


Where: Both events will be held via Zoom.
Once you register, you will get a confirmation email with the event link.

About registration: Sign-up via Lyyti 

The participants of the webinar will be given early access to the seats in the Workshop.

Tickets are free of charge. If you register but your plans change, please cancel your ticket in advance so we can offer your seat to people on the waiting list.

Be quick: There are 100 seats available for the webinar and there are 30 seats available for the workshop and registration works on a first come first served basis.

Dresscode: Camera-friendly appearance.