We would like to introduce one of our members every two weeks and The International Women’s Day is a perfect day to start our new series

We want to introduce you to inspiring women on our network and share their stories. Maybe they can become your rolemodels and lower the barrier to connect online and offline, especially when you meet in our meetups.

On International Women’s Day we would like to introduce Marjut Repo to you. She has been attending to our events regularly and has worked in clothing business in Finland and UK.

Where do you work? I work at Nomo Technologies ltd.

What is your title? Measurement Specialist

What is your story, your background?

I am a Garment Technologist with 25 years of experience in clothing business. My profession is Pattern Maker and I have acted as the soul of the garment, the sustainable luxury brand’s, the fast paced fashion companies and thoughtfully crafted custom-made clothing to mention a few. Nowadays I’m specialized in human body measures. During my career I’ve witnessed several stages of the ongoing automatization in this industry, which has pushed me to familiarize myself with these frontier technologies.

Is technology part of you work? If yes, can you describe how?

Yes, technology indeed plays a key role in my work. At the moment I’m working in NOMO Technologies Ltd. Company is specialized in human body 3D measuring solutions. NOMO 3D is developing technologies and services for 3D modelling of the human body and producing the most accurate body measurements for the needs of the clothing and fashion industry. Technology has brought along evolving digital tools in past ten years, like 3D pattern making and materials in apparel, which are mainly used on virtual game characters and so on. The CAD system, body scanner and illustrator are in my everyday use. In addition to making the things easier and faster, the technology also makes this job more ecological and saves natural resources.

Your biggest challenge at the moment at work or in self-development?

The biggest challenge is definitely to have enough time to learn and internalise all provided new technology in day to day life. Regarding this matter all new knowhow keep us vivid. In near future I hope see AI and robotics to help people with mobility issues.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I truly wish that I’m still in clothing field and especially with customisation and creative innovation for the purpose of sustainable fashion. Be involved in development of better economical circular in sustainable apparel business to slow down climate change. Utilising digital solution which are under development now for this market. Also like to stay and get deeper touch on predicting human body changes over the years to reduce overproduction in worldwide.

How to get in touch with you? Email mikkimarjut@hotmail.com or connect in LinkedIn 


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