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What’s your name: Lilia Repponen

Where do you work, study or are you looking for job?

I am Bachelor of Culture and Arts. I majored in Pedagogic Recreation and minored in Performing and Participative Expression. Last work experience were based on planning and organization leisure, recreational activities by using culture, art and creative methods in spinal cord and brain injury rehabilitation. Nowadays working on collaborative projects that harness the power of art and creative processes.

What is your title? Experienced facilitator working at the intersection of art and social change.

Email address? repponenlilia@gmail.com

What is your story, your background?

At the early age, I was member of theatre studio and participating in different dance projects. Dance, as a fully-fledged art form strongly affected on my life. During my Bachelor studies, I studied environmental art, performing arts as dance and movement, story theatre and improvisation, therapeutic art expression, project coordination, creative writing and many crafts courses.
During my time there, I did a lot of volunteer work with young people with disabilities and older people. I always wanted to help people who needs the help.

My mission to make them realize that they have more potential than they see when they look at themselves in the mirror. Encouragement, guidance, compassion goes a long way for people that needs help.

Is technology part of you work? If not, why do you find technology interesting?

Technology serves us with the varieties of all our needs of daily life. Knowingly or not, everyone is dependent on technology to lead an easy and comfortable life. We use technology for learning, communication, transportation, manufacturing, scaling businesses, securing data and so much more. Technology is dynamic and it keeps on improving, because our needs and demands for technology keep on changing.

Your biggest challenge at the moment at work or in self-development?

While I face opportunities and challenges within my career, I try to remember to bring it back to and allow my mission to guide my decisions. I am passioned about learning and get excited easily, so making the right decision sooner will relieve a lot of the wasteful thoughts.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Life is like the art drawing, we making decisions witch effect on our lives. I am focused on design new combos between art, design, technology and cognitive sciences. I think that change in societies and communities starts within individuals. I see myself as a creative leader, who is able to inspire people to generate and develop original and creative ideas.

What Future Female network has given you?

It has been for me great opportunity to meet many great and inspiring people. The themes and speakers are always carefully picked.

What is the best and the most important quality in your professional persona from your point of view?

I believe that being a good listener is key to being a strong communicator. I am flexible and great team player with critical thinking skills.

Quote that inspires you the most?

“Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso

Last but not least – name one woman who you admire and why? 

Isadora Duncan as an American dancer whose teaching and performances helped to free ballet from its conservative restrictions and presaged the development of modern expressive dance. She was among the first to raise interpretive dance to the status of creative art.

Also I would like to mention Ruth Bader Ginsburg, American lawyer and jurist who is an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. She has been a pioneer for gender equality throughout her distinguished career. As a member of the court’s liberal wing, she’s become known for her fiery dissents and calculated analyses of cases involving gender discrimination.

How to get in touch:
Please connect me via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/lilia-repponen-752b11158/