Future Female is teaming up with HelSec and Nixu to organize a 6-month training program for women who are interested in working in cyber security or maybe for those already working or studying in this industry but still want to gain deeper knowledge.

Currently there is a global shortage of professionals in the cyber security industry – both male and female. The aim for this program is to enable and empower the women in this field and to attract and find future talent.

During the program, you will learn new things about virtual machines, penetration testing, open source intelligence, digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) etc. You can talk to cyber security professionals, hear career stories and meet new people such as recruiters of future talent professionals. You can also get career tips.

We are hoping that through this program you will also network and gain a deeper knowledge of the industry and opportunities. After the program, you will hopefully have new friends where you can, for example attend the InfoSec events together.

What we expect from you: You are motivated to learn about cybersecurity, maybe you are already dreaming about the job and you need to commit to this program from January to June 2020. The program is free for all participants.

Meetup is once a month, often second Wednesday of the month. 40 people will be offered an opportunity to participate.

Program kicks off in January 8th 2020 at Nixu in Keilaranta at 17.00.

Agenda for the program:  

Wednesday 8.1.2020 at 17.00-20.00
Introduction to Cyber Security and preparations
Instructors: Juho Jauhiainen (Nixu & HelSec), Joni Hasanen (Self emploeyd & HelSec) and Rickhard Alen (TBA)

Wednesday 12.2.2020 at 17.00-20.00
Security Operations Foundations
Instructor: Flavia Koskivaara (Nixu) and Antti Ollila (Nixu)

Wednesday 4.3.2020 at 17.00-20.00
Basics of penetration testing
Instructors: Ossi Väänänen (Sanoma & HelSec) and Laura Kankaala (Detectify & Disobey & Team Whack)

Wednesday 8.4.2020, at 17.00-20.00
OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)
Instructors: Iiro Uusitalo (Solita & TeamROT & Team Whack)

Wednesday 13.5.2020 at 17.00-20.00
Social engineering
Instructors: Riku Juurikko (KPMG) and Victor SantAnna (Nixu)

Wednesday 10.6.2020 at 17.00-20.00
Digital forensics and incident response (DFIR), course wrap up
Instructors: Timo Miettinen (Nixu,), Mika Järvinen (Nixu) and Juho Jauhiainen (Nixu & HelSec)

Meetup dates: 8.1., 12.2., 11.3, 8.4., 13.5. and 10.6. at 17.00-20.00

Location: Nixu Cybersecurity, Keilaranta 15 B, 02150 Espoo, Finland

Applications: https://forms.gle/P8Jf99jdUoozWEpU6

We accept application until 26.12.2019 and participant will be chosen by 28.12.2019.

Any questions?

Please send email to Anu Laitila, anu@futurefemale.com and/or Juho Jauhiainen, whois@helsec.fi

About HelSec ry

HelSec ry is a registered association in Finland, it is cybersecurity group by the community, for the community. Helsec was founded in the beginning of 2019 and it has organised many get togethers around InfoSec topics in past year.

About Nixu

Nixu is cybersecurity services company on a mission to keep the digital society running. Our passion is to help organizations embrace digitalization securely.


What is the cost for the program?

This program is free for participants.

Can I apply if I don’t have any programming skills?

Yes, you can! This is for people of any background. Please apply if you think cybersecurity could be your future profession.

Are there any exams?

No, but we hope that you start exploring the topics together with your fellow attendees.

Can I get a certificate of this program?

Yes, we have planned nice certificates that all attendees will get in the last session.