The first official meetup is coming up already in mid January 2018 and Future Female is giving you an opportunity to get to know world of cybersecurity.

Hackers? White hats? Black hats? Cybersecurity Experts? Who are these people and how technical do I have to be to become one of them?

If these are questions that sound intriguing and exciting for you, then Future Female invites you to come Disobey and join this workshop on Sat 13.1.2018 at 10.00-12.00. After this workshop, you can join Disobey’s other programs.

During the workshop, you will be immersed in the world of cybersecurity and get a feel of how attackers and defenders think. You will get a feel of how an attacker could about infiltrating a company by looking for weakest links and extracting valuable information such as passwords and confidential documents. Various professionals with careers in penetration testing, software development, security research and risk management will guide you on how to “Think Security” and improve the defenses of an individual’s and a company’s systems and networks against these types of attacks. These experts will also share their stories and experiences from their careers.

The workshop is sponsored and hosted by F-Secure cybersecurity experts.

Please note that the event is for ladies only, aged 18 or over.

Keynotes after the F-Secure workshop:

12.00 How to get the best out of your bug bounty program – a view from both sides – Ed
13.00 Everyday OpSec for the everyman – Daniel Sundström
13.30 Psychological perspective on security – Topias Uotila
14.30 The Next Revolution – Mikko Hyppönen
16.00 Software Developer as an attack vector – Antti Virtanen
16.30 Hacker hints for developers – Donnie Werner
17.30 Guessing the (random) number – Jussi
18.00 Tor de-anonymization – Juha Nurmi
19.00 Timing Attack Information – Joona Kannisto
19.30 Escapology – Mikko Kenttälä & Ossi Herrala
20.00 Securing ACME DNS validation – Joona Hoikkala

What is Disobey:

Disobey is an event that encourages hacker culture, and bring together like minded individuals. Disobey’s goal is to foster a vibrant community of creators, makers and breakers. Disobey values encouragement, creativity and sharing and believe everyone can teach us something about the world.