Loneliness will kill any idea, the bad ones and the unicorns too. Future Female, Fondia & two startup mentors are introducing a new, community requested co-mentoring program for women startup entrepreneurs.

We have two groups for mentoring: one for early stage entrepreneurs who are still in the phase of developing their concept, and the other for entrepreneurs with already some years of experience.

The idea of co-mentoring is to share thoughts and experiences with others, who go through the same stuff. It is sometimes lonely to work as an entrepreneur, but we are certainly not alone with our challenges. Both groups will be the size of 5 – 10 entrepreneurs, who will meet once a month during autumn 2018, from August to December.

We expect all participants to commit to the program.

The program aims to provide female founders peer support, fresh ideas and a push to getting forward with their goals. Themes of the mentoring sessions will be come from the needs of the group members, but to mention few examples, we might be talking about decision making, funding, finding all necessary team members / resources, defining the concept and finding the best product-market-fit, and tackling daily smaller and bigger problems that entrepreneurs encounter all the time. And not forgetting to share all the positive stuff as well!

In the first session Nea Welling, Legal Counsel from Fondia, will give you advices about contracts, IPR etc. We may have another guest speakers at the events.

Participants will be chosen through application process. Please apply for the program through the link below:

Application form: Early Stage Entrepreneurs Group https://goo.gl/forms/8RRF7jMNVjsUlHEt1

Application form: Experienced Entrepreneurs Group https://goo.gl/forms/iIObNPWFnIzQIXq42

The application period is open from 26.6.2018 until 2.8.2018. All applicants will be informed about the results by 8.8.2018. The first session of the program is on Wednesday 22.8.2018 at Fondia.

Planned meetings dates. Please note that some of the dates can change.

22.8. at 17:00-20:00

19.9. at 17:30-19:30

24.10. at 17:30-19:30

21.11. at 17:30-19:30

19.12. at 17:30-19:30

About our mentors:

Tiina Zilliacus

Serial entrepreneur, advisor, business angel. Human loving life and tech. 20 years of digital and consumer business experience both from large corporations and smaller start-ups. Experienced start-up and growth company CEO & board member. Msc (Econ).



Hanna Lilja

Startup entrepreneur, graphic & ux designer, advisor for several early stage businesses. Multiple years of experience from start-ups, international consumer business and business design. CEO & founder of Momzie. Currently working also on a children’s book project to inspire young girls about tech. MSc (Tech).

About Fondia

Fondia is a full service law firm with over 140 experts operating in Finland, Sweden and Baltics. Through the new service concept, Fondia solves the issue relating to purchasing legal services. We allow legal expertise to be sought and purchased according to actual needs and at a transparent price that is confirmed at the outset. We have a clear understanding of business, industry knowledge and comprehensive legal expertise. This comes in an overall package that is topped off with our ‘hands-on’ way of working. The best benefit is offered within LDaaS – Legal Department as a Service.