Become a Partner

Wanna support our network or host a meetup? Future Female is a network of professional women in digital business and technology. If you think we would be a great match, we would be more than happy to hear from you!

In 2019 we have teamed up with Disobey, Reaktor, Sofia Future Farm, Lexia Attorneys and Gofore.

In 2018 we organized 26 events with over 800 participants (and over 1000 left on the waiting list!).

Future Female in Numbers:

With Future Female

  • you can enhance your company image as a service provider, as a competitor, as a corporate citizen and as an employer
  • you can be part of promoting diversity and getting more women in various fields of technology
  • you are part of a growing network

As a partner you can

  • provide a venue for our events
  • mentor our members
  • showcase your expertise in your own field
  • support us financially
  • support us by providing our operations with digital tools
  • provide us professional speakers from your company to an event
  • organize trainings for our members
    get visibility in our channels
  • ideate new ways of promoting diversity with us

You can become our partner on one-off basis and as a yearly partner.

Our event types are

  • informal topic-based afterwork gatherings for 20-50 persons
  • interactive workshops for 20-40 persons
  • theme-based meetups for 50-100 persons
  • Christmas and Summer parties for 100+ persons
  • group/peer mentoring programs for 20-30 persons
  • tailored trainings

If you have new ideas, feel free to suggest that to us!

Who are our members

  • Network of highly skilled women at digital business. Their title at work is often something like CEO, CMO, Senior Managing Consultant, Client Service Director, CEO, Entrepreneur, Project Manager, Data Scientist, CTO, Technical Project Manager, Data Architect, Technical Specialist, Digital Project Manager
  • Level of experience:
    • 60 % people are specialist or managers
    • 24 % are directors or executives
  • 78 % of our members are 25 to 45 year old
  • 90 % are from Uusimaa

How to get started

If you think we would be a great match, we would love to hear from you!

Drop us an email at and let’s start talking.