In the Autumn 2018 we set off on our journey to our first ever mentoring program, and we established our two mentoring groups for Female Entrepreneurs! We met once a month at Fondia from August to December 2018, we discussed and shared thoughts on start up life and how to move forward as an entrepreneur.

We had two groups, one for early stage entrepreneurs hosted by Hanna Lilja and other groups for more advanced team hosted by Tiina Zilliacus.

Tiina’s team

Paulina Piippo Joylla
Taina Haapamäki FLOU
Johanna Jussila Crescendo Consulting And Management Oy
Iiris Konttinen Steps Helsinki
Salla Lundelin Camp Norte
Sofia Pohls Finders Seekers
Johanna Sinkkonen Lumoa
Susanna Kankare Ägräs Distillery Oy

Hanna’s team:

Minna Eerikäinen Unbranded Market
Cecilia Portnoj Lagom Health
Sabina Housh-Kaanela Arctic Forest Deli
Iida Miettinen Kamu Collective
Laura Aaltonen Cryptic Garco
Annu Rantanen Bliss Helsinki

Photographer: Maarit Halonen