This event was all about the Future of Law and what kind of skills future lawyers should have. The speakers in the event were Riikka Koulu, Assistant Professor at Helsinki University and one of the founders of Legal Tech Lab who covered the topic of legal digitalization, co-founder of Dottir Attorneys Ltd. Johanna Rantanen who presented her thoughts about the future of legal work and the Legal Advisors from Fondia Nea Welling ja Sini Majlander who discussed the complex nature of the work of the “Tomorrow’s Lawyers”.

Event also had a Panel Discussion featuring: Moderator: Sonja Vainio Panelist: Riikka Koulu, Johanna Rantanen, Nea Welling, Sini Majlander, Minttu Viitanen and Anna Ronkainen.

Event was sponsored by Fondia, Dottir and Legal Tech Lab.

Photographer: Maarit Halonen