In this event, we got to hear real-life cases on how to utilize data on marketing and sales to get real results out of sales & marketing efforts. Niko Strömberg from Outotec opened up how to do sales based on customer data and Minna Liang-Sormunen from Neste revealed how to effectively use insight at marketing operations.

After the cases, we took one step deeper and discussed how data can be harnessed to manage people, business and whole organizations. The panel offered a juicy setting for the topic: Part of the panelists state that data-driven leadership can be automated with tools when the rest still rely on more traditional methods. At the panel we had Johanna Pystynen from Vincit, Mikael Castren from MKTG and Maria Sangder from Talent Vectia.

Future of Data Driven Leadership was hosted at the Allas Sea Pool and sponsored by Talent Vectia and MKTG Finland.

Photographer: Maarit Halonen