Are you thinking of embarking on a new career path? Interested in IT and wondering what it takes to join this ever growing, dynamic industry? Wonder no more! Join our event on the 8th of December to learn how you can start your career in IT. Come listen to some inspirational stories from our speakers who were once in the same boat 🙂 

We will discuss how to get started, what challenges you might face along the way and most importantly, how you can leverage your current skills to advance this transition to your new career. Our speakers will also provide some insights on the technical and soft skills that will strengthen your profile. They will also share tips on what kind of new year resolutions can help develop your skills in technology.

The event will be in English. We will use Google Meet and recommend using Google Chrome to join the event. Once you register, you will get a confirmation email and the event link will be sent closer to the event date.

Agenda for the evening:

17:15-17:25 Welcome words by Future Female & Women for Women Workshop Finland
17:25-18.45 Panel discussion:
Riina Moilanen, Maria von Kügelgen, Mari Kekkonen, Laura Järvinen and Mariana Mota hsoted by Waliyah Sahqani
18:45-19:00 – Q&A
19:00 End of the webinar

Timezone UTC+2

Where: Google Meet, the event link will be sent closer to date. Please note that not all Google Meet functionalities might work for mobile users, so we advise joining with the desktop.

About registration: Sign-up for the event will start on Monday 23.11. at 8am via Lyyti 

Be fast: There are only 50 seats available for this event and spots will be filled on a first come first served basis. Tickets are free of charge. If you register but your plans change, please cancel your ticket in advance so we can offer your seat to people on the waiting list.

Please note that we will charge €20 as a no-show-fee if you don’t cancel your ticket 24 hours before the event.

No recordings available.

Dresscode: Camera-friendly appearance.


About our panelist:


Maria von Kügelge started her career as a lawyer. She became interested in how to improve the way of working, and how technology could be used in that. She started studying computer science, and has steered her career towards IT by doing UX design and requirement analysis for software used by lawyers. Now she is working in legal technology. Her current job requires knowledge both in law and IT.





Riina Moilanen graduated in 2012 as a Bachelor of Pharmacy from University of Helsinki. In her career as a pharmacist she worked in many different pharmacies and in a hospital. She was somehow stuck. She liked her job but felt there was something missing. Her endless will to learn new things and skills was somehow satisfied, but she knew that she wanted to do something about her career. She participated in a couple of Mimmitkoodaa workshops and found “THE THING”. Coding. Loved everything about it. And also fell in love with the coding communities and the culture and everything. She did some online courses after that and applied to the Academic Work Academy. She graduated from the JavaScript fullstack course in April 2019 and has been working as a software developer since then. AND SHE LOVES IT.




Mari Kekkonen is a cloud specialist at Digia. Her background is in academia, and she has a PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology. She started her IT journey in spring 2019 as a data scientist. Since then, she has worked on various data and machine learning related projects, and slowly shifted more and more towards cloud-related projects. Currently, she’s a fresh member of Digia Cloud Center of Excellence​ and is supporting fellow Digians as well as our customers on their cloud journey.




Laura Järvinen’s first profession was a teacher and she has a Master of Arts in Art Education. After getting tired of the endless grind of being a substitute teacher she started to look for a career in IT. She has done an internship as a developer, worked as a part time programming teacher and took a 9 month course in Full Stack technologies in Business College Helsinki before landing her current job. She has now worked for a year at RND Works as a very beginner friendly coding instructor publishing all her materials in her blog.





Mariana Mota works as a Data Lead at Fortum Digital Mobility unit helping Fortum set up a robust and scalable data infrastructure that can cater for the future of emobility.
Coming from an international business and strategic communications background, Mariana moved towards IT in a later stage and her journey to IT is a self-taught experience. Mariana is a Brazilian living in Finland and holds a double masters degree in International Management from both Aalto University in Finland and Nova University in Portugal.