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What is Future Female?

Future Female is a network of likeminded women, who are inspired by new ideas and the world of digital opportunities – women, who are driven and passionate about things both in their business as well as private life. Future Female is for women, who work, use or are interested in technology and all things digital.

Future Female is run by Helena Pirhonen, Maarit Halonen, Anu Laitila and Maija Typpi-Häkkinen.

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Future Female in Numbers:

In 2018 we organized 26 events with over 800 participants (and over 1000 people on the waiting list).

  • 13 sponsors in 2018 (logos on the right)
  • 2 partners (Lyyti and SiteFactory)
  • over 1900 contacts on our mailing list
  • over 6100 followers in Facebook
  • over 1000 members in our private FB group
  • over 1700 followers in Twitter 
  • over 800 followers in Instagram

About our Events

Future Female is a platform for women to mentor, share, learn, connect, contribute and enable the next generation of excellence via informal and interactive get-togethers, workshops and seminars.

We are a friendly and easily approachable network balancing business with pleasure.

There are no age or title limits, you can come as you are. We organise approx 20-30 events every year.

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Upcoming Events:

We have planned a several events for next couple of months. More details are coming soon.

15.8.2019 Afterwork with Talented and New Things Co. Read more about event. Registration start on Thu 4th of July at 7.00 via Lyyti.

27.8.2019 Meetup with Fortum. More details coming soon!

1.10.2019 The Future of Work Culture with Fraktio. More details coming soon!

Meet Erja Lohikoski:

Every two weeks we are introducing you to inspiring women on our network and share their stories. Maybe they can become your role models and lower the barrier to connect online and offline, especially when you meet in our events.

Read more about  story of Erja Lohikoski, she is regular guest in our events.

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Check photos from The Future of Health

We joined forces with Accenture to hear about Health Tech rends

The event was sponsored by Accenture.

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